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Tips for Marketing to College Students on Campus

  • by: Allen Graves
  • On: 18, Nov 2020
7 min read

Advertising to college students while they are on campus can be a very lucrative marketing strategy for many businesses.

From bars and restaurants, to electronics, to apparel and products of daily living, college students have money to spend, and they are spending it.

While social media, online advertising, tv/radio, and other mainstream tactics are smart, they can become expensive and extremely competitive.


An study found that students spend $60 billion every year for non-essential items. Non-essential items include everything unrelated to room and board, books, groceries, or other school-related things.

And smart businesses are working hard to gain a slice of that $60 billion dollar pie.

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Where are College Students Spending Their Money?

According to a survey done by Study Breaks College Media and Shweiki Media Printing Company, nearly all college students are spending money every month at restaurants - to the tune of 99%.

Likewise, 70% of students spend money each month at bars. So the food and beverage service industry is seeing a large amount of student non-essential money.

Other notable non-essentials include:

  • 76% of students spend money each month on beauty items
  • 70% of students spend money each month on fashion items.
  • 60% of students spend money each month on electronics.
  • 57% of students spend money each month on media, such as books, magazines, and apps.
  • 38% of students spend money each month on off-campus gyms and fitness.

Today's college students are certainly loyal to specific brands when they have a good experience.

However, with the onset of COVID-19, many of these areas have become extremely competitive. So it is more important than ever to get the attention of today's students and keep it.

How To Attract Student Customers With On-Campus Advertising

A lucrative campus marketing campaign involves research and planning to create an effective strategy.

This involves decision making about the manner in which you are going to deliver your advertising messaging. 

Here are several ways to get your advertisements in front of students' eyes while they are on campus in their daily lives.

Indoor Digital Billboards

Indoor digital billboardsIndoor digital billboards offer an engaging and dynamic advertising opportunity for any business. You can display the creative and eye-catching content that today's college students love.

These high-definition, large billboards are placed in strategic areas on college campuses in areas where student frequent the most.

Ads can be either static images, or video content. This allows you to test various forms of advertising and adjust your strategy over time.

Parking Garage Advertising

parking garage billboardsParking garage billboards allow businesses to advertise to students in a captive environment. As students drive by or park inside of a parking garage, they will see large billboards on the outside and inside of the garages on campus.

Target and stand out by advertising to students while they are in their daily lives as they enter and leave campuses

This is a great way to prominently display your brand and offers to students and young professionals on a regular basis.

Campus Digital Marquee Advertising

digital marquee advertisingThis is another great way to advertise to college students and passers-by.

Place your static or video advertisement on the digital marquee at the entrance to the college or university.

Align your business with the community by advertising on high volume roads on large format digital marquee’s leading into the campus.

This will also let customers know that you support the campus and your local community.

Campus Signage Advertising

campus sign advertisingMost campuses have signs placed in high-traffic areas with maps and directions.

As students and visitors walk by these signs, many of them will take note to make sure they are headed in the right direction.

It is a long established fact that people will buy from businesses they recognize. This is a great way to attract new customers while reinforcing your brand with current customers.

For more information about advertising to students on campus, visit our website to learn more or schedule a demo with one of our team members.


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